Eating Healthy While Working


Gallup’s Well-Being Index named business owners as one of the most health-conscious groups in its 2013 survey. Over the course of 2017, Americans’ health and well-being began to decline, upsetting a 3-year upward trend. Despite their healthy standing, business owners were not immune to this shift. Business owners fell as much as anyone else, given the stress and the mental and physical demands associated with their profession. The American Institute of Stress reported that stress in the workplace environment is more strongly associated with health issues than even serious family problems and financial demise or uncertainty. My time as a Kyani business owner has taught me to pay attention to my personal health.

When you are just getting your business organized and, on its feet, health is probably one of the last things you will think about. You have at the forefront of your mind marketing, figures, margins, and facts about the consumers.

Just because you are a busy and ambitious entrepreneur does not mean you have to neglect your health and well-being. Here are five tips to help you stay on top of your health game.

Test food before you eat it

Gluten intolerance and sensitivities are more well-known and treated today. Those who struggle with these problems know that their dietary condition makes dining a hassle for everyone involved, particularly spouses and family. New devices such as the Nima Gluten Sensor are aiming to make dining as someone with a gluten intolerance much easier. With the Nima Gluten Sensor, a diner can place a small sample of food in the device’s capsule and receive an indication in less than 2 minutes that the food is good to eat or not.

The device is also connected to a social platform for users, allowing them to identify what restaurants and dishes are safe to eat without getting sick. Nima even includes a peanut allergy sensor for those with that dietary condition.

Consider new ways to consume vitamins

Even if you are taking dietary supplements, you may not be absorbing all the vitamins you need to be your best self. Because of various factors, the absorption rate of vitamin pills and capsules can vary.

Try a transdermal patch like the ones produced by the Vitamin Patch Club to absorb more vitamins. The Vitamin Patch Club is a subscription service with patches that offer 90 percent absorption.

Ditch time-consuming showers but keep the stimulating workout

Imagine a hand wipe that simulates a shower. If you have time between meetings or during the lunch hour you can squeeze in a workout! Goodwipes offer sheets roughly the size of standard sheets of paper that help you cool down, remove odor, and exfoliate your skin right after a workout.

Get off the couch and get moving

Modern offices are starting to pick up on the benefits of standing desks. Companies to look for include VARIDESK, which is spearheading the movement to normalize standing desks in offices. VARIDESK also offers monitor mounts, standing mats, and active seating to keep an office at its optimal health while still accomplishing otherwise sedentary tasks.

Eat home-cooked meals

Cooking at home has been reported to increase happiness. When time is short, the temptation to get takeout or fast food is tempting. Companies like Blue Apron provide meal kits that provide the pleasure of cooking food at home while providing the benefits of eating quickly.



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