The Patriarch of Paleo


Throughout his life, Dr. Arthur De Vany has been a student of human metabolism and fitness. Widely considered a patriarch of the Paleo movement, he has left his mark on the science of fitness with his bold belief that through certain health precautions, we can slow the aging process.

De Vany has brought to the attention of sports scientists that aging is simply the gradual loss of our cells’ ability to regenerate. In order to assist his cells in their renewal, De Vany only has two meals a day. He recommends this to others interested in staving off the aging process. This technique doesn’t necessarily mean you need to eat fewer calories, but rather a long period of fasting between meals. During the daily fast between meals, a process of autophagy induced by the body’s low insulin level begins to clear out proteins that are damaged or old. This autophagic process will peak in its effectiveness four to six hours after strenuous activity.

Despite his closeness to the Paleo diet trend, De Vany feels some who follow the diet have gone off the rails with their fat consumption, which could lead to an unhealthy, fatty liver. In his personal meal preparation, he prefers to use non-stick ceramic pans rather than douse his food with olive oil or the new and particularly trendy coconut oil. To avoid these trends and stick to the meat-and-potatoes of the Paleo diet, De Vany stresses the importance of selecting a variety food, flavors, textures, and colors.

Diet affects our emotional as well as our physical well-being. For those who suffer from depression, De Vany proposes an emphasis on two things: new stimuli and regular exercise. New stimuli, or neurotrophic factors, heal the brain’s damaged synapses. Neurotrophic factors might include new conversational topics than normal, new surroundings, and spending time with new people. Exercise benefits the overall health of the brain and assists with the healing of damaged synapses and the creation of new ones.

Though not a central tenet of his health code, De Vany would certainly agree with Tim Ferris of The Ferris Show that sleep is vital to health and wellness. Ferriss has observed that sleep and recovery maximize both physical and emotional health.

From his own personal experience with insomnia, Ferriss has found that white noise machines work wonders and polyphasic sleep has served him well. Polyphasic sleep is the strategic fragmentation of the sleep schedule to allow even an insomniac to get a full eight hours or more of sleep. Several formats of this sleep cycle exist, from the extreme forms of two-hour naps throughout the day to the more simple Mediterranean format, where one might sleep a majority of the recommended eight hours in one night and finish off the rest in a midday nap.

Regardless of your preference for sleep schedule and Paleo dieting, make sure that you are not limiting your nutrient and vitamin intake. Paleo-friendly vitamin systems such as Kyani can help you in your lifestyle change.



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