How to Drink Kyani Sunrise


How to Drink Kyani Sunrise

You can now purchase Kyani sunrise in two different containers – one large bottle or a 30 pack of single serve packets. When Kyani introduced the new 30 day supply of packets it suddenly became easier to consume Kyani sunrise on the go. It also made traveling with Kyani product that much easier!

When To Take Kyani Sunrise?

Consuming or drinking Kyani Sunrise is very easy. The best time to drink Sunrise is sometime during the morning before you start your day. Typically, I have mine during breakfast time. The reason it is called Sunrise is because it is the product to take in the morning that will keep you going all day and provide you with the antioxidants and essentials vitamins and minerals that your body needs throughout the day. I have found that I feel much more energized, alert and responsive on the days that I drink Sunrise in the morning.

Does Kyani Sunrise Taste Good?

For some, the taste of Sunrise is not appealing. For those of you who still want to consume Kyani Sunrise but struggle with the taste, there are a few ways you can incorporate Sunrise into your breakfast without having to taste it.

  • The first thing I recommend is to refrigerate your Sunrise bottle or sachets. For me, drinking Sunrise cold somehow makes it taste better and more refreshing.
  • If refrigerating your Sunrise is not enough to mask the taste, try using one packet as a serving of syrup on freshly baked waffles or pancakes. You can also mix it into a serving of oatmeal coupled with fresh fruit to help it taste better.
  • If you enjoy making and drinking smoothies, adding one packet or one serving of Sunrise to the smoothie is also a great way to mask the taste.

Remembering To Take Your Vitamins Every Day

While masking the taste of Sunrise is easy, I struggle to remember each morning to take Sunrise. If you are like me, you know just how rushed each morning is as you burst out the door to start your day, often leaving breakfast or your Kyani product as a distant afterthought.

If you are busy like me and often forget to drink your Kyani Sunrise in the morning, here is what I have found that works as a reminder to drink Sunrise. First, out of convenience, it would be a good idea to switch to the packets of Kyani Sunrise instead of the bottle if you have not done so already. While you are at it, and out of convenience, it would also be smart to put that on auto ship so you do not forget to order when you all of a sudden run out of product.

Now that you have your 30 day pack of Sunrise, place one packet somewhere you will see it in the morning. For me, this is on the kitchen counter that I walk past each morning as I am walking out the door. I started by placing the little packet of Sunrise in the bathroom, but would promptly forget why it was there as I walked past the refrigerator each morning, passing the chilled Sunrise waiting for me. Moving the packet to the kitchen counter served as the perfect reminder for me to pause for just 5 seconds, open the refrigerator and grab a cold Sunrise for the commute.

I have also found that in my rush to get out the door each morning I forget to grab a Sunrise. Thankfully my place of employment provides refrigerators for all of the employees, so I have a small bit of space I can keep a few snacks, my lunch and my box of Sunrise. I leave one packet of Sunrise on my desk right by my mouse or keyboard so as I am starting my day of work each morning, with less distractions than at home, I am reminded about Sunrise. Getting up from my work desk to get my daily Sunrise is a great way to get more steps in and move for a minute or two.

I have read it takes approximately 29 times of doing something repetitively to make a habit. With that in mind, take the next month, your bottle or 30 pack of Sunrise, and create some new, healthy habits that will help you obtain the needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need each day, found conveniently in Kyani Sunrise.


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