5 Easy Tips To Consume Fewer Calories


Eating healthy is vital to living a wholesome lifestyle, but it takes a lot of work. From finding good recipes, shopping for the right ingredients, and preparing the meals, plenty of time is spent that we might be tempted to use elsewhere. Unlike what we might think, research shows that we need to be health-conscious even as we sit down to devour our nutritious, hard-earned meal. Experts suggest we slow down and take more time to eat. Taking the time to chew and making mealtime last longer can cause our bodies to burn more calories digesting. Another study exhibited how non-overweight participants ate more slowly than their overweight counterparts. These participants that ate more slowly ultimately consumed fewer calories and felt more satiated after the meal.

Here are five tips to help you slow down and consequently consumer fewer calories:

  1. Unplug the electronics. Without the distraction of devices like our phone or television, we can keep track of how fast we are eating and pay attention to when we feel full. Making mealtime a “no devices” zone when you are alone to prevent you from overeating.
  2. Do not take massive bites. Just because you can eat your meal in a few huge bites does not mean you should. You can savor the meal and feel more satisfied by it as you slowly eat. This also keeps the goal of the meal what it should be: feeding yourself what you need.
  3. Put down your utensils between bites. Dropping your utensils while chewing is akin to hitting the brakes when driving. Constantly holding your utensils all during mealtime will make you more prone to keep shoveling more and more food in.
  4. Think about what you are tasting. You have worked hard for the good flavors, so enjoy them. Pay attention to the bitter flavor of the broccoli rub you made, or the sweet fruit, or the zing of vinegar. This attention can make mealtime much more meaningful.
  5. Drink with every meal. Drinking an unsweetened beverage between bites will lengthen the meal and also help fill you. Sometimes you think you are hungry when you really are just thirsty.

As always, anytime your goal is to cut calories you need to take time to ensure you are not cutting out vitamin intake. Look for a  complete supplement system that does not have a significant amount of calories. We recommend you start by looking into Tespo or Kyani. Each of these systems claim to have the full spectrum of nutrients needed and are taken throughout the day.

Source: http://www.eatingwell.com/featured/StriveTheUnhealthyEatingMistake?sm_c=31-909-802-4075-3447


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