What Happens to Your Skin While You Sleep


Many people often jokingly refer to rest as beauty sleep, but recent research by dermatologists indicate beauty sleep may indeed be real. Recent clinical studies indicate that sleep might be one of the most underutilized and undervalued tools for achieving the perfect skin complexion we all crave.

It is fair to assume that we all know in one way or another that sleep is invaluably important for our bodies and overall health. Beyond that, though, many of us do not actually know the specific benefits. For example, during rest, our skin cells essentially receive a makeover. Strangely, dermatological studies have almost identified to the very hour each night this makeover in our cells occurs – slightly before midnight.

During this time there is a cell split, or division, called cell mitosis commences and begins the nightly chore of repairing your skin. What is great is this happens like clockwork each night whether you are asleep or not. It is during this time that your cells require the most amount of nutrients in order to carry out the task of rebuilding. Herein lies the importance of applying an amazing night serum or cream to your skin around that time each night – just before bed.

Because our skin is in the rebuilding phase, it becomes much more receptive to the skincare products we apply. This is why the most powerful skin care products are applied at night. In addition to this, the absence of sunlight during rest allows the products to work at their peak since the sun’s UV rays are not constantly breaking down the product and diminishing its overall effectiveness. This breakdown is most often manifest as red, irritated skin.

One product we are especially loving right now is Kyäni’s Fleuresse Night Serum that is packed with incredible nutrients such as the Swiss Apple. After just a few days with this product, we saw more results than other leading night serums.

One other reason that applying skin care products at night are important is due to the fact that our skin is often the driest at night. During the middle of the day, our skin’s oil production reaches its peak. As the day passes by and turns to night, there is far less oil production at night, leaving our skin like a dry sponge. Dermatologists explain that when the protective layer of naturally occurring oil on your skin is weakened or diminished, the moisture in your skin escapes even more quickly. This creates a critical need for a strong moisturizing product at night.

Since nighttime is the most opportune time to apply powerful skin care products, look to apply the best ingredients at night such as glycol acid and retinols. Once morning rolls around, though, be sure to cleanse your skin and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen and moisturizer. These two products have thankfully merged and you can now find many daily moisturizers with sunscreen included. Dermatologists also highly recommend applying a serum infused with vitamin C each morning as an added layer of protection throughout the day.

Following these dermatologist-recommended steps will add strength to the nightly rebuilding phase for your overall skin health and glowing complexion. After just a few days adhering to these proven suggestions, you will wake up incredibly healthy and clear skin.


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