Skin Care Hacks


Research has shown that humans will naturally look for the easiest and most effortless way to achieve something. This is not to say we are lazy or unmotivated, but it is in our genes to always search out the easier, hassle-free solution that will reward us instantly. This mentality is the case in almost every aspect of our lives when we stop and look at it.

Some of us have skin we are not totally satisfied with. We go from quick fix to quick fix only to find that it still isn’t working for us. Recently, leading dermatologists and beauty bloggers opened up about their favorite skin care hacks that lead to near-perfect skin.

Hack For A Nice Summer Tan

Arguably, one of the most sought-after beauty looks is a sun-kissed look. While this look may be achievable by spending time outside in the sun, you end up putting yourself at more risk for skin cancer this way. Beauty bloggers recommend using a nice self-tanning lotion. Many dermatologists recommend the same, adding the idea to mix liquid bronzer with any regular body lotion. Doing this not only makes the bronzer last longer but rewards you with more of a gradual tan rather than a bold color transition.

Hack For A Daily Exfoliant

Another product that beauty bloggers and dermatologists both recommend and use if Black African Soap. While more of an artisan soap, it is readily available online and is extremely affordable. It is also an all natural product that is perfect to use as a daily exfoliator that will aid in the elimination of acne and excess oil on your face. Many beauty bloggers admit to using this soap daily on their whole body rather than just their face.

Hack For Soft, Kissable Lips

While many of us focus on the overall appearance and health of our facial skin, there is one area of our face that often goes overlooked – our lips. If you suffer from chapped lips or are hoping to oneway have soft lips again, periodic and gentle exfoliation of the lips will do wonders for you. Just as we need to exfoliate our skin to remove dead, dried skin, our lips need and deserve the same treatment. The best way to exfoliate your lips is to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and apply a small amount of vaseline to it, then lightly scrub your lips in a circular motion. The vaseline plays the role of moisturizer while the lips are being exfoliated. Many beauty bloggers do this on a semi-regular basis and admit that using a toddler toothbrush works great.

Hack For Crow’s Feet

If crow’s feet plague your eyes or you are looking to prevent them, one of the best solutions is not a skincare product at all. If you plan to spend time outside, invest in a pair of oversized sunglasses that cover those areas from the sun all while you look fashionable.

Hack For Clear Skin

Another tip closely guarded by beauty bloggers is the need to regularly change your pillowcase –  in some cases nightly. Surprisingly, there is a large amount of buildup on your pillowcase. Throughout the night, many of us roll over and move our heads, causing the pillowcase to become somewhat of a napkin for anything that is on our face or in our hair. This in clouded hair products, occasionally earwax, oil, and leftover makeup just to name a few. We would not want to willingly rub all of that back on our skin each night. While this tip may not be glamorous or fun, it is necessary to obtain the flawless complexion we all crave.

These are soon of the most effective tips that leading beauty bloggers and dermatologists have shared recently. It almost goes without saying that these tips are to be used in conjunction with a thorough daily skin care regimen consisting of great products. Currently, we are absolutely loving the Fleuresse skincare line from Kyani. We have noticed an increase in skin color and complexion and a decrease in acne and sun spots just by switching over to that skincare line.


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