Oily Skin and Acne Solutions


For many of us, there are certain skin related issues such as acne or oily skin that seem to stay with us no matter what solutions or products we use against them. Recently, leading dermatologists weighed in on those very issues with their recommendation for the most effective product aimed specifically at the common skin care issues we commonly suffer through.

One of the biggest drives for skin care stems from our skin’s imperfections, most often manifest through acne. There are a lot of products available for purchase at your local big box store, but the truth is most of them are not that effective at treating one specific issue. If acne spot treatment is something you are pursuing, leading dermatologist Dennis Gross suggests the mask he formulated specifically for this issue – the Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask. The active ingredient in the mask, sulfur, works to dry out the acne as it controls all of the oil feeding the acne. The result is dried out acne with no spot at all afterward.

Sulfur has long been known by leading dermatologist as an ingredient with underestimated power. Sulfur actually has the capability to relieve and calm swelling while simultaneously pulling any infection or bacteria from the skin. Afterward, the inflammation disappears and the spot vanishes.

If you are struggling with more than spot acne, chances are you have tried a variety of products and quite possibly medications. For one reason or another, the trend in acne treatment has been to dry the skin out with the goal of eliminating oil and therefore acne. For some, this may work, but in the end, the skin becomes dry enough to signal a greater increase of oil to keep the skin moisturized, creating more acne.

The best solution for all over acne is a retinoid product or retinol product. Dermatologists have recently discovered that retinol or retinoid products will not only treat mild to severe cases of all over acne but will also prevent future acne breakouts. Specifically, the retinoid products work to prevent the very first developmental stage of acne where the follicle becomes clogged. Another product, relatively new to the beauty industry comes from the brand Kyani. With each of their skin care products being infused with the powerful Swiss Apple, common results show a decrease in all over acne issues as well as a reduction in scar tissue from previous acne issues.

These clogged pores and acne prone skin lead many to wonder what is the best cleanser for oily skin. Leading dermatologists recommend Cetaphil’s DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash. Beyond singularly using that product, they also recommend moisturizing and cleansing your skin regularly. The wash is actually designed (and scientifically proven) to wash away excess impurities and oil from your skin as well as any makeup. It is a very impressive face wash, to say the least! For an even better experience with the face wash, dermatologists recommend using the Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Moisturizer, which was formulated to complement the face wash, due to the powerful capability of hydrated, controlling oil and offering a broad spectrum sunscreen from both UVA and UVB rays. Yes, all of that in one moisturizing product.

Acne and oily skin are very closely related – almost one without the other in some cases. If you struggle with oily skin, dermatologists recommend products containing glycolic acid or lactic acid cleansing wipes or toners. Without drying your skin out too much, these products will eliminate the excess oil buildup on your skin while still leaving your skin properly moisturized, smooth, and oil free for a longer period of time. If there was one specific product dermatologists recommend, it is the First Aid Beauty FAB Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid that acts as a great exfoliant.

If you struggle with larger pores, dermatologists recommend using a cleansing pad that provides a deep cleanse within each pore while working to balance the oil chemistry and balance in our skin. Again, dermatologist Dennis Gross created an effective cleaning pad called the Acne Eliminating Pad that outperforms many other similar products.

He advises, if searching for a similar product in stores, to avoid anything that contains salicylic acid or willow bark extract as they are not effective and could pose more risks than benefits in the long run.


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