How to Have Healthy Skin in the Summer


Summer can be one of the most detrimental seasons for our skin’s health if we do not take care of our skin. The following are skincare secrets and insider tips from leading dermatologists for achieving and maintaining your best skin next summer.

First, dermatologists reveal that one of the most overlooked areas of our skin during the summer are our lips. Lip tissue is very fragile, and as such, requires extra care. Treat your lips with a textured lip balm and apply regularly, while both indoors and outdoors. A lip balm is also important for keeping lips hydrated.

Dermatologists also recommend taking cold showers as opposed to hot showers because the hot water dries your skin out. Additionally, because our skin naturally sweats more in the summer, a cold shower will keep your skin clear leading to decreased acne breakouts.

Surprisingly, and possibly rewarding, are the benefits tied to red wine. Not only is it refreshing on a beautiful summer day but it also contains a naturally occurring phenol from red grapes. This powerful phenol decreases redness in the skin resulting from sunburn due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Another tip from dermatologists is to carry SPF-lined makeup. There are now mineral makeups with powdered sunscreen built in. This is a great product to use because you do not have to ask your face then redo makeup after reapplying sunscreen multiple times per day.

One of the most overlooked skincare products, according to dermatologists in Beverly Hills, California, is a large sun hat. Look for a largely wide-brimmed hat that offers the most protection from the sun’s damaging rays as possible. It is one of the few accessories that will make you look all the more glamorous while wearing it.

Dermatologists also recommend a great exfoliant for the summer. However, many people incorrectly use their exfoliating products by using them in the shower. The best way to exfoliate your skin during the summer months is to use the exfoliating scrub on your dry skin – especially around your knees and elbows. Those two areas are among the driest areas of skin. Once you have used the exfoliating scrub there, hop in the shower. Once you have finished your shower and dried off, apply a powerful moisturizing lotion or oil within 5 minutes of drying off or less.

Recently, dermatologists have also discovered the hidden benefits of eating melon fruits. If you are looking for the most powerful and effective melon fruit for good skin, opt for the cantaloupe, according to dermatologists. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and offers incredible hydration to the skin, which results in a uniquely radiant glow in your skin. Watermelon should not be ruled out either. While it is loaded with water (always a plus), it has the ability to boost your SPF by several factors. We choose to eat both, in a healthy amount, so we can reap the benefits from both!

Getting sunspots is relatively unavoidable, so when you do get them, the best thing to do us apply a dark spot correcting cream at night that will help eliminate those spots. Applying at night is the best time to do it so that the product is not exposed to UV rays, leading to a breakdown of the product which leads to diminished results. There are some great over the counter options for these creams, but consulting with your dermatologist for a prescription grade version is always recommended.

Pairing your dark spot removal cream with a night healing cream will lead to great results! We are currently loving the night cream found in the Kyäni Fleuresse line, specifically because of the unmatched healing powers found in its natural ingredients.

While there are many other things that you can do for healthy summer skin, dermatologists have identified these as some as the most effective, second only to applying sunscreen throughout the day each day. While that application should occur on a daily basis, summer is an especially critical month for sunscreen application. Follow these suggestions and thank us later for your beautiful summer skin!


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