How to Cure the 4 Most Prevalent Skin Care Issues


If we are being honest, achieving perfect skin is seemingly impossible…or is it? There usually is just one or two small issues that stand in our way to perfect skin. These little issues are things that we usually stress over relentlessly or completely ignore. Not to worry, though, because there is an end in sight for those issues.

The 4 most commonly occurring issues related to skincare are: common breakouts, low collagen, constant sweat and the effects of improper washing (too much, too little).

First, breakouts, the most common skin issue that makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. We all get them, and somehow at the most inconvenient times. The first thing you should try doing to prevent future acne breakouts is to pull back on the heavy duty skincare products. Swap those out for a lighter, more natural setup. One of the best light cleansers we have used recently is part of the Kyäni Fleuresse skincare line.

On top of a lighter cleanser, try a lighter moisturizer that will not clog your pores quite as much. And finally, rather than spreading acne treatment product across your whole face, spot treat where you have acne or feel it coming on. Spreading it across your whole face is counterproductive as it dries out your skin which leads to acne. We like the Clean&Clear Spot Treatment.

Next, collagen is vitally important to maintaining healthy skin. If you do not know what collagen is, you should if you are concerned about wrinkle-free skin. Collagen is the principal protein found throughout most of our body and is tasked with structuring our nails, bones, hair, skin, tendons and ligaments. Regarding the makeup of our skin, collagen comprises approximately 70% and is responsible for keeping our skin toned and flexible. One of the surest ways to identify low collagen levels is to not have glowing skin, but rather dull, sagging skin.

How, then, do you ensure that you have enough collagen in your skin? The best way is to invest in a premium nighttime serum. It is important to get a night serum because serums used in the day are wildly ineffective due to degradation of the product from UV rays. Check out Advanced Clinicals Collagen Instant Plumping Serum.

If you sweat a lot, you aren’t alone. Honestly, we have all unfortunately been in a situation where we questioned whether we had an actual medical issue based on the amount of sweat our body was producing. The best treatment is to keep your pores as clear as possible followed by an application of toner and very light moisturizer. This has turned a profusely sweaty situation into a  cool as a cucumber situation for many people with sweating problems.

Finally, washing your face – something so simple and part of your daily routine that it can go unnoticed and undervalued. Keep in mind that skincare is not an overnight deal. It takes time, patience and a lot of repeated perseverance. If you want to look like you are ten thousand years old when you hit 50, skip face washing and enjoy your new found 60 seconds of free time. If you want to look like you are in your late 30’s when you hit 50, grab a bottle of micellar water for facial cleaning. It is a product that lightly cleanses your face, pulling dirt, leaving your face clean. As a bonus, you will not have to rinse your face after using this product.

If you want to take your face wash game to the next level, graduate into using a daily skin exfoliant product. There is no one product that is best suited for everyone, so consult with your dermatologist to find the best one for you. Adding some toner in addition to an exfoliant and micellar water will leave you wondering how survived in your old skin. From start to finish the administration and application of these products should only take a few minutes a day – a few minutes that will greatly benefit you and your appearance in the long run.

Trust us, you skin will thank you for the small tweaks to address these four major skincare concerns.


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