How important is a daily skin care routine


Our skin is, arguably, one of the most neglected organs of our body when it comes to overall care and maintenance. Our skin is affected by everything: the temperature, humidity, exposure to elements, even our diet! If you are struggling to get into a skincare routine, think of the disfavor you are doing yourself by leaving all the dirt, grime, and toxins trapped in your skin. Furthermore, just imagine what those items are capable of doing to your skin if left alone for even 24 hours. That thought alone is what usually jolts people into following a skincare routine.

Not surprisingly, our skin is one of the largest organs our body has. It is the first defender to the pollutions surrounding us and therefore protects us from many potentially threatening elements. Similar to a knight’s armor, our skin should regularly be checked and maintained before going back out to defend ourselves. By not taking care of it, we allow weak spots to grow into vulnerabilities, creating problems such as acne or inflammation. The overall health of our skin has been said to show a glimpse into the overall entirety of our body’s health. Taking skincare seriously will lead to more than just healthy skin, but also a healthy lifestyle,

As you develop a skin care routine and regularly take care of your skin, you actually help your skin do its job more effectively while simultaneously stimulating your skin to stay healthy longer. Developing a solid skincare routine is not just for those with mild to severe skin issues either. If you are among the few with flawlessly beautiful skin, adding a few skincare products to the routine you already have will not hurt at all.

Beyond just taking care of our skin to prevent issues and cultivate a long, healthy life for our skin, there are more reasons that a skincare routine is important for you. For example, since our skin is constantly shedding, it is very likely that the healthy skin you have today will be dry and be shed sometime tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with your skin if this is the case, but it means the next layer of skin under that needs to be cared for as it is now the top layer acting as the defender. Our body is regularly going through this process, which makes daily skincare all the more important.

We all have problems and conflicts in our lives, and we all know that dealing with them is taxing, frankly. However, most problems can be avoided through thoughtful prevention. There is no exception to this when it comes to skincare. Taking the time now, each day, to take care of your skin can actually prevent you from experience skin related health issues down the road.

Coupled with prevention is cost savings. Just imagine the number of medical bills that could potentially arise if you were to face skin issues such as sun spots, skin cancer, acne scarring or skin discoloration. Surprisingly, most of these issues can be preventable now with skin care products that are far cheaper than surgery or skin care treatment. Even the cost of visiting a dermatologist is steep compared to the cost of simple skincare products to be used on a daily basis.

By using skin care products each day, your skin will take on a natural glow. You will look healthier, and as a result, probably feel just a little more confidence. Who doesn’t want a little confidence booster each day? Our face is the key trait that distinguishes us from the other billions of people on earth, so why not put your best foot forward and always put your best face forward?

Just as brushing your teeth each day is important, so too is daily skin care and skin maintenance. By choosing to take care of your skin care routine around the same time as other health maintenance tasks, you will quickly create and make a habit out of caring for your skin.

Recently an older couple in their sixties gave some insight into how they continue to look almost a generation younger. Skincare was a high priority for them throughout their life as they know that preventing signs of aging and creating beautiful skin is a lifelong process. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what you would like your skin to look like 25-30 years from now. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sun spots are probably not characteristics you would hope for. If that is the case, keep in mind that the things you do today in regards to skin care will ultimately set the stage for what your skin will look like 25-30 years from now.

Because creating and maintaining beautiful skin is a daily and lifelong process, it is important to ensure that you are treating the skin the best you can. Surprisingly, there are negative skin care routines that have been shown to damage your skin and lead to worsened skin health down the road.

What is a good skin care routine?

So many people, maybe you, want to have and follow a healthy skin care routine but do not know what is best. When broken down, a great skin care routine is quite simple. Just remember these four things: cleanse, fix, hydrate and protect. Those are the four very easy steps to creating and maintaining healthy skin!


This step is first for quite a few reasons, but primarily because the rest of the plan and steps hinge upon a great cleansing of your skin. Our skin sometimes acts like a sponge, especially if that skin is a little more oily than normal. If that is the case, nothing to worry about. Our skin collects pollutants, dead skin cells and bacteria every day, all day long. In order to combat this, it is important that we thoroughly wash our face, and not with just water and a rag. Actually, the American Academy of Dermatology has indicated that washing our face twice daily is best. Daily cleansing of our skin leads to healthy pores in our skin, lowered risk of skin related issues, hydrating of our skin as well as the assistance our skin needs if fighting various skin care issues such as rosacea and other similar skin issues.

There are countless types of skin cleansers that would work for you and your skin type. A trip to your local grocery store, pharmacy or cosmetics counter will undoubtedly lead to confusion if you are uncertain which product is right for you. However, the best thing to do is consult your dermatologist for which cleanser is right for your skin type.


After you have completely cleansed your skin, it is time to fix your skin! Fixing indicates that there is a problem, but more than anything fixing your skin applies to issues that we are all susceptible to such as crow’s feet, wrinkles and/or drooping skin. Similar to cleansers, there are countless products used to help fix skin issues. These products are called serums more often than not and are an important step towards achieving and maintaining healthy skin. For the best recommendation on skin care serums, contacting your dermatologist is best.

Some dermatologists recommend a balanced toner after you have cleansed your face. Many people are not quite sure what toner is, which is OK! Toner is a product that assists in the balancing of pH levels in your skin. The pH level of our skin should always hover around 5.5. Toner ensures your skin stays as close to that pH level as possible. This product can leave your skin strong and ready to defend against anything it comes up against. It is also a product that will vastly improve the condition of your skin, even if you do not have any skin issues.


The next step is ensuring your skin is hydrated. If you are younger, your skin has the ability to hold moisture fairly well. However, as you age, your skin gradually loses the ability to hold that moisture in your skin. Without moisturizing, this process is accelerated to a degree. In some cases, a lack of moisture in the skin has led to the breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers, leading to very dry and brittle skin with a greyish deflated look to the skin – almost like the skin is just hanging on your body like clothes on a hanger. With this in mind, skin hydration becomes critically important in regards to daily skin care. Fully hydrated skin makes your skin look and feel much younger, tight and radiant.

Moisturizers come in various forms. The effectiveness of each moisturizer is somewhat dependent on individual compatibility. Your skin tone and texture may require more dense moisturization or you may have sensitive skin only requiring a smaller amount. Depending on your needs, pick a moisturizer that is suited to both your skin and your budget. There are affordable skin care systems that are effective and they can be found at any big box store. High-end moisturizers can very well be more effective but they may not be as readily available such as Obagi, Kyani Fleuresse, Nu Skin, or even Mary Kay and Avon.


The final step in regards to your daily skincare routine is to protect your skin. It has been reported lately that skin cancer is not only dangerously underestimated but is also the most preventable type of cancer. Even though it is this preventable, a surprising number of people still do not take necessary steps to protect their skin from both UVB and UVA rays. UVA rays are not as serious or intense as the UVB rays. They can, however, still cause damage after accumulation. UVB rays seem to be the least deadly as they only affect the topmost layers of your skin. It is these rays that cause your skin to tan as well as induce sunburns, but also the rays that lead to skin cancer, wrinkles, and DNA damage.

To best protect yourself from the sun’s deadly rays, look for a broad spectrum sunscreen that contains at least 15 SPF but also a lesser advertised feature called a Critical Wavelength rating. Look for a sunscreen with a Critical Wavelength rating of at least 370nm.  Broad spectrum sunscreens are the most recommended type of sunscreen as they offer greater protection against both the UVA and UVB rays. In addition to looking for and applying better sunscreen, a big part of protecting your skin is found in the time you apply your sunscreen prior to venturing outside. Most people apply their sunscreen once they arrive at their destination, already outside. The best practice is to actually apply that sunscreen 20-30 minutes prior to even going outside. Once there, plan to re-apply that same sunscreen every 70-80 minutes.

Whether or not beauty is only skin deep, your skin health should be taken as though beauty is more than skin deep. Following the above skin care and maintenance steps each day will undoubtedly lead you to not only better-looking skin, but most importantly, healthier skin. As a review, the four skincare steps to follow each day are: cleanse your skin (2x daily is the recommendation), fix your skin, hydrate your skin and protect your skin.


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