How to Deal With Acne Breakouts While Traveling


Seemingly all of us have been in the frustrating moment of having to deal with an acne breakout while traveling. No, it is not fun, and at times can leave you feeling moderately helpless and wondering if there is a solution for acne breakouts while traveling.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Leading dermatologists have recently given some insight into their closely guarded travel secrets for how to prevent and deal with acne breakouts while traveling.

The first thing to consider before relying on insider information and tips regarding your skin care is to be sure you have a daily skin care regimen that includes cleansing, occasionally exfoliating, using some type of serum, moisturizing and regularly applying sunscreen to protect from the harmful sun rays. If you have not yet determined or purchased a complete skin care line, that may be the answer to your acne breakouts. Companies such as Proactiv, Clinique or Kyäni all offer complete skin care systems and all highly recommended by dermatologists and backed by clinical study.

If you already have a complete skin care system and daily skincare routine, it goes without saying that whatever your daily skincare routine may be, it should continue with you as you travel.

Acne breakouts may still occur while traveling, even if you have flawlessly perfect skin while at home. From a change in air quality and weather to the introduction of new bacterias, being a new place almost always leads to skin care issues while traveling.

Leading dermatologists recommend taking a few zinc supplements with you while traveling and consuming the daily recommended amount each day. Not only will the zinc work to fight off acne and prevent or eliminate breakouts, but it will also greatly decrease your likelihood of catching a cold while traveling. Dermatologists recommend a supplement similar to Nicomide in 20-50mg doses and suggest taking them with healthy skin promoting foods such as water, berries or veggies.

Another great suggestion that is often overlooked is to cleanse your face before flying. The closer to the flight you can cleanse your face the better. Traveling, especially flying, puts stress on our bodies often leading to sweatiness and clogged pores. On an airplane, clogged pores regularly develop due to the recycled cabin air. Cleansing your skin close to your flight will almost completely prevent those clogged pores which lead to acne breakouts.

Similar to being at home, our diets play an integral role in the overall health of our skin. While traveling, dermatologists recommend an increase in the amount of water you drink each day. Water is almost the miracle drug when it comes to clearing up acne breakouts as it moisturizes your skin while simultaneously flushing the toxins out. The catch, though, is to make sure you cleanse your face and apply a great oil-free moisturizer. Flying has been shown to dehydrate your skin rather rapidly, so a great rule of thumb is to try drinking one glass of water for every hour you have flown.

Going along with an increase of water is the need to eat healthily. More and more, healthy meal and snack options are popping up everywhere in airports and in small cafes. Stick to berries and citrus fruits, snacking vegetables, light salads, and water. The results of all of this might just surprise you!


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