Am I Using Too Many Skincare Products


There is no question that we have, available to us at any store, an overwhelming amount of skincare products. Almost all of them are packaged and marketed for us to believe that our skin absolutely needs them. The marketing efforts of these beauty and skincare companies are effective, no doubt because according to a recent study a surprising number of adults actually use too much skincare.

Too many skincare products? How? The result of this overconsumption manifests itself in a few ways. The following signs are ways you can tell if there are too many skincare products in your beauty/skincare routine.

To be clear, there are actually two ways you could be using too many skincare products. The first is in the number of different products you are using. The second is in the actual amount of product you are using. The latter is most commonly the reasons for various skin conditions stemming primarily from excessive product use. To ensure that you are using the proper amount of skincare product, Kyäni skincare specialists have shared the most effective amounts of each product you should be using.


For sunscreen, a quarter to half dollar is the correct amount. However, that amount applies to each application, not the total collective amount per day.


For cleansers, look to use about a dime. It is important that you do not use too much cleanser as it could dry your skin out, robbing it of all the natural oils it needs.


The largest amount of product you will use, second only to sunscreen, will be with moisturizing products. Use about a quarter size amount of both the night and day moisturizer product.

Serums, Oils, Heavy Creams

If you are using serums or oils, about a penny’s worth is the correct amount. Similarly, you should be using about a penny size amount of eye cream.


For retinol, you should look to use anywhere between a dime and nickel size amount.

One individual can have a variety of skin care needs. This is not uncommon, and if so, you probably also understand the need for strategic layering of the skincare products. For the most effective skincare routine, products with a lower viscosity should be applied first. For example, apply your serums first followed by any skin gel, then lotions and creams followed by ointments.

As far as the number of products you use to keep a minimalistic mindset. Continue to use all products necessary for whatever skin issue(s) you have. From there, analyze what you are using that is not necessary. You should have a great moisturizer for day and night with SPF included, a great eye cream and a quality serum.

Leading dermatologists suggest finding an extensive skincare line that works for you and stick with it. Mixing product brands can lead to various issues, so sticking with one line will, if nothing more, eliminate the issues tied to overlapping different skincare ingredients.

Sometimes, less really is more – at least in the case of skincare products.


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