10 Simple Steps to Attractive Skin


Leading clinical dermatologists recently shared the following 10 skin care tips that will work for most every skin complexion issue from extreme acne to a simple breakout.

  1. Visit a dermatologist. It seems silly to some to see a doctor just about your skin. Our skin in our largest organ, so it merits taking extra care of it and seeing a dermatologist regularly. Additionally, a dermatologist will be able to pinpoint exactly what type of skin care products you need and will work best for your specific skin conditions.
  2. Regularly wear sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen is more important to our skin’s current and future health than many of us realize. Even in rainy or wintry conditions, there are still harmful UV rays that will damage your skin if left unprotected. Be sure to invest in a sunscreen labeled broad spectrum with an SPF rating or 30 or more as it will protect against both UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Do not scrub your face clean. Deep aggressive scrubbing may seem like the best solution for getting rid of acne, deep cleaning pores or removing excess oil. While scrubbing will leave your skin clean, it will leave it more irritated and inflamed than anything else. The scrubbing motion agitates our skin and leads to excessive skin reddening. In the long run, aggressive scrubbing will actually lead to an increase in acne.
  4. When visiting your dermatologist, regularly check for skin cancer. Occasionally, people are able to spot skin cancer on their own by doing a skin self-exam, but it is advised you seek out a dermatologist to look for skin cancer. The earlier it is detected, the better the chances of completely removing cancer with no issues.
  5. Use skin care products tailored to your individual skin needs. It sounds like common sense, but some people are unaware of the fact that there are so many different skin care products because there are just as many skin care needs. You would not want a heavy moisturizer at night if you already have oily skin. Similarly, you would not want a facial cleaner loaded with acid if you struggle with dry skin. Herein, again, lies the importance of having a dermatologist so you can identify what your individual skin care needs are, helping you be selectively accurate when purchasing your skin care products.
  6. Manage your stress. Yes, that is so much easier said than done, we know. But really, stress manifests itself on your face more than you might realize. This is not to say you cannot have stress, rather, ensure you are dealing with your stress in a healthy and productive way. Simply being overwhelmed can lead to an increase in acne or a large breakout.
  7. Stop smoking. If you do not smoke, try avoiding secondhand smoke as much as possible, and not only for your skin, but your lungs as well. Smoking has been clinically proven to age your skin faster than normal. In addition to faster aging, smoking also makes skin wounds stick around longer as they take longer to heal. Even more alarming, however, is the recent discovery that smoking is responsible for worsening condition for some skin related conditions such as psoriasis. If you struggle with smoking, give it up and watch how quickly your skin bounces back to good health.
  8. Wash your face regularly. Well, not too regularly. Strive to wash your face just a few times each day- first when you wake up so that the bacteria and oil on your skin from the night can be washed away while preparing your skin for your morning skincare product routine. Second, wash your face after sweating. And finally, gently cleanse your face before going to bed and before applying skin care products at night. Washing at night is most important as you are wasting off all of the impurities, bacteria, and toxins from the day. If you need to, find a simple skin care system that works day and night such as Clinique, Kyani, or Obagi.
  9. If you want a tan, stay out of the sun and out of tanning beds. Yes, a tan is still achievable, don’t worry. Simply use a skin tanning lotion or bronzer rather than tanning by natural or fake UV rays. Both of those are leading causes of skin cancer, while bronzers offer a far safer alternative. Plus, they are much faster! A side benefit to staying out of the sun and tanning beds is a decrease in aged skin as the sun and its UV rays are responsible for premature aging in the skin.
  10. Finally, accept the imperfections that come with skin. There really is no such thing as perfect skin. Underneath many perfectly looking faces, there could be a sunspot, a mole, wrinkles or acne that are expertly hidden. Celebrate the fact that your skin is healthy form following the above steps and that in the duration of your skin’s life you are going to have obstacles and bumps. Remember, though, they are only temporary.


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